Search Engine Optimisation

At Medwebs we attach great importance to optimisation of the websites we produce for Google searches, as well as all the other major search engines. Optimisation of the website for relevant targeted keywords is part and parcel of the coding of the website during development.

The order in which Google places web pages in search results is based on a complicated algorithm and depends on a large number of factors. It is a comletely automated process set by the results of Google's "robots" continually scanning the world wide web. This algorithm is meant to be a well kept secret. However, enough is known about the factors that govern it to enable website developers to implement measures that improve the prospect of the website featuring high up the lists in searches. These factors include:

Medwebs will take these and other measures, such as submitting the site address to Google and Bing, adding Google analytics and will follow up the progress of the site in search lists during the first 3 months.

Our track record is very good in helping sites to rank as high as possible in Google searches, but we cannot guarantee that any site will rank in a particular range in relevant searches.



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